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Emergency Repair Service

Emergency services.<br>Beeline Telecommunications<br>Emergency Repair Service

Beeline Telecommunications Emergency Repair Service Beeline Telecommunications provides emergency repair services to several National carriers and other customers across US our call center 24/7 to take your call and route it to the appropriate regional office for rapid response to satisfy your emergency requirements.

Our team will respond to your call to identify what the material, resource and equipment requirements are necessary to resolve your emergency situation. We have a network of contacts for access to cranes , man lifts or other equipment which may required to facilitate a rapid resolution to your requirement.

An emergency may be related to not only an equipment failure in your network causing an outage or degradation due to product failure but also damage due to animals , birds , rodents, weather or other external force necessitating a rapid response.

As there are many different manufacturers in use we have a variety of cables available including coax, jumpers, fibers, fiber connectors. Our Emergency Constraction personal will make an on-site assessment and customize a plan to meet each client’s specific needs.