Full Cell Site and Tower Installations

Full Cell Site and  Tower Installations

The most important part of cell phone tower construction is the tower itself. There are 4 kinds of towers: lattice towers, monopole towers, guyed towers and concealed tower. Each tower has an appropriate location and a list of pros and cons. Concealed towers are the only towers without specific guidelines, they are usually required by zoning and created to blend in better with a landscape. Monopole towers are less than 200 feet. Guyed towers can be much taller and are cheap to build. Lattice towers are 3 sided and self-supported, they can handle heavy loads.

Depending on the deal and regulations, it can take a year or more to begin the construction of a cell phone tower. Once cell phone tower construction begins, it can be operational in just a few short months. A cell tower has a number of important parts that must be carefully constructed to get the best signal Beeline Telecommunications will help to Complete tower installation in one day.